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Stunning Electric Fires

Burning wood and heating with gas isn't for everyone. Electric fireplaces can instantly create the aura of a real fire in your living space - all year round.


Our Top Pick: Vivente

The Revillusion flame effect sets this fireplace apart. The central mirror that’s used in traditional fireplaces has been removed, increasing the depth of the fireplace for an incredible 3D effect whilst also allowing you to customise the lining to suit your interior design theme.

Easy installation

Electric fireplaces don't require a flue, which means they can be fitted anywhere in your home.

Flexible size options

Depending on your space, modular electric fireplace units allow you to create large and small fireplaces.

Responsive heating control

Remote-control capability means you can easily and instantly adjust your heating output to suit the seasons.

Visually unique

Modern flame effect technology and multiple colour schemes make electric fires a unique focal point in any home.

Real Flame

Bringing state-of-the-art flame effect technology into your home. Whilst gas and wood fireplaces still have their place, electric fireplaces are a great choice, offering flames which are accessible to everyone, all year round.

We want to know what you have in mind.

Tell us your ideal electric fireplace experience and together we’ll find the perfect one for you.