Types of Fireplaces Explained

3 min read
Whether your home already has a fireplace or you're looking to have one built into your space, it's important to know that there are different types out there.

Choosing a fireplace depends on several factors: position, style, finishing material and type of fuel used. It can be used to heat a room and, in some cases, to cook meals. Today, there are fireplaces for all indoor spaces adapted to different lifestyles and expectations. The key is to know how to choose the right fireplace for its designated space in order to enjoy warming up by a good fire.

Gas Fireplaces:

Gas fireplaces provide warmth of a real flame display at the push of a button. They eliminate the time-consuming and sometimes messy task of finding, chopping, collecting, and storing firewood. They are very easily controlled, by simply flipping a switch. Many of the newer models even have timers and WiFi capability with an app enabling operation of your fire from your smart device so your room is nice and cosy for when you get home.

With Real Flame's power-balanced flue options; it allow fireplaces to be installed in most locations with horizontal or vertical runs up to 13.5m from the fire. Our range of gas fireplaces are intelligently controlled, efficient (with minimum gas consumption to lower energy bills) and come in a range of styles designed to be installed in any part of the home.


Wood Fireplaces:

A genuine wood fireplace will create the perfect ambiance in your home for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. There is something quite romantic and soothing about a wood fire heater, watching wood burning in a fire seems to take you back to when life seemed a whole lot simpler. Watching those flames however isn’t the only benefit to owning a wood fire heater in your home. Wood heating also lowers energy costs as buying your wood in advance can decrease fuel bills. When sustainable wood from a reputable supplier is sourced, wood heating is environmentally friendly and can contribute to a healthy carbon cycle.

There is nothing like the atmosphere a real fire creates for inspiring romance and boosting your mood and the soothing sounds of a genuine wood fireplace are unmatched. Our range of wood fires will be sure to warm you up inside and provide you with true satisfaction from a real wood fire.


Electric Fireplaces:

If Burning wood or gas isn't for you, then an electric fireplace is a great alternative; installation requires no fluing or permitting, making them especially ideal for apartments where gas or wood fuel isn't possible. Electric fires instantly create the warming aura of a real like fire in your living space – a place where your family can retreat and unwind and provide the ambiance of a real like fire, with the convenience of an electric heat. Many models can also provide a flame effect without heat; allowing usage during summer which is a bonus for homes with particular interiors involving the fireplace as the focal point of a room.

From traditional to the most ultra-modern style, our extensive range of electric fireplaces and heaters bring the magic of real flame effects to any living space. Using state-of-the-art design techniques, our extensive collection of electric fireplaces are simple to install, efficient, easy to control and doesn’t require a flue.


So there you have it- our round up and explanation of the all of the different fireplace options available to you. Regardless of which type you decide on, a fireplace provides fantastic ambience and added value to any home, and we are here to help you choose the best one for you.